Josephine Ives

Diversity, Social Inclusivity and TTB

Collage made by Josephine showing the world and a series of hands reaching for it, of different skin colours and decorations, showing ethnic and gender variety.Josephine is a third year Geography Undergraduate at the University of Cambridge. For her dissertation she is focusing on the challenges the Transition movement faces in terms of social inclusivity and diversity.

Thanks to all who participated by being interviewed or filling in a questionnaire. Josephine’s survey is now closed and we are awaiting the results and report (May 2015)

A common claim in academic literature is that environmentalism, including the Transition movement, is a middle class preserve and is often exclusionary. The movement was initially predominantly embraced by rural, middle class market towns.

However, Jo says she was particularly drawn to Transition Town Brixton as one of the first inner city Transition Towns in an exceptionally diverse, multi-ethnic London district. Since Transition Town Brixton does not conform to the initial Transition Town stereotype in terms of its geography and demographic profile, Brixton’s experience in terms of diversity and social inclusivity is very valuable.

Jo plans to explore the barriers which prevent TTB from attracting a more diverse membership, whilst appreciating the efforts TTB has already made to become more diverse. She aims to tease out the complex issues surrounding diversity and social inclusivity and propose some practical suggestions regarding how these issues can be effectively addressed.

Documents (to be added as the research progresses or when completed)

  • Proposal
  • Initial abstract

Links to background articles that Jo recommends

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For more information or to help Jo with her work by volunteering to be interviewed, email her at

(Page updated 15/5/15 (briefly – awaiting report). Jo’s research was due to complete April/May 2014)



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