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Brixton £

Current – added 30/11/12 to avoid repetition with the text in the Brixton£ landing page

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The Brixton Pound (B£) is a complementary currency used with local participating businesses in and around Brixton instead of ordinary cash. You can also use it electronically via text message. It stimulates local trade and helps keep more money in the local economy.

Find out how you can save money with B£s, get newsletters and more!

Removed 30/11/2012 to create a shorter description:

The Brixton Pound (B£) is a complementary currency accepted within around 200 small independent businesses, in and around Brixton. Because B£s can only circulate within local participating businesses, the scheme stimulates local trade and production, and helps protect jobs and livelihoods through a stronger local economy.

The B£ supports the diversity and resilience in the local Brixton economy in light of a recession and chain store dominance. It seeks to encourage and facilitate a self help model and ethos in order to protect the social and financial futures of the residents of Brixton. It also supports local sourcing of goods to decrease CO2 emissions. Lastly,  the B£ seeks to raise Brixton’s profile regionally and nationally, and to contribute to positive perceptions of the area by drawing attention to its strong community, diverse economy and capacity for innovation.

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