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Becoming an Editor or Submitting Content

It is really easy to add content to this site. If you would like to, please contact to be made an editor. There is also a page of information for new editors.

About this Website

Much of the material on this site has been moved from two other sites: the wiki and our previous home site (both of which are no longer available, but, as of January 2011, have been archived). We have preserved all the content in ‘bite-sized’ posts, so you should be able to find anything from this period by searching the site.

Follow this link to a document which covers different aspects of the site management : Website Management Document. The document covers:

  • To-do list
  • Known bugs
  • Guidelines for Editors
  • Tutorial items

Anyone can view this document, but to make changes, for instance to allocate yourself a to-do list item to fix, you need to share the document. Please email

In August 2012 we carried out a review of the design of the site and have instituted some changes which are gradually being applied to the site.

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