Heart & Soul

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This group will offer solidarity in difficult times and facing difficult truths. It will explore the psychology of change to help TTB make its message effective and acceptable.* It will seek to keep us hopeful and positive.

* (drawing on Rob Hopkins work on addiction in his MSc thesis, Chris Johnstone’s work ‘Finding your Power’ and Joanna Macy’s deep ecology work ‘The Work that Reconnects’.)

2 responses to “Heart & Soul”

  1. Hi,
    Tonight I cycled past your hall, I was so excited and I’m so pleased that you have been so successful in creating a Transition Town Broxton, setting up the Brixto pound and are so active with regular meet ups and activities! So inspiring!

    I am a freelance performance artist recdently moved back to london from Totnes, I realy like Brixton and would love to get involved in TTB.

    I would love to, as part of the Heart and Soul dept, offer some movement workshops, with the aim to come in touch with our hearts, connecting with each other from the soul, freeing up our inner blockages to support our inner transition.

    I have also been offering creative dance and craft activities for children in Cornwall and would love to follow this on by offering some creative fun days for kids with TTB.

    Infact I’ve got a few ideas, and would love to talk with somone about my involvement with TTB!

    Hope to hear from you soon!


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