Groups & Projects

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Areas of Interest

Our main active areas are:

  • Buildings & Energy including Brixton Energy, Community Draughtbusters and the Electricity Monitor Loan Scheme
  • Business and Economy, including the Brixton Pound
  • Families – recently formed TTB Family Group
  • Food & Growing
  • Heart & Soul, sometimes called ‘Inner Transition’
  • Remade in Brixton – including the Brixton Remakery project

Some of these activities are carried out completely within TTB and some started within TTB, but are now quite separate, though with strong links. Some have always been separate, but are closely related to TTB’s aims. Also, active projects change as time passes and one project comes to an end and another starts up, the same is true of groups.

Groups and the Energy Descent Action Plan
One task of the groups is to create specific chapters in the Brixton Energy Descent Action Plan. They will vision a better low energy future as it concerns their focus area and then ‘backcast’ to the present to produce the routemap to that future with timetable and milestones. This will involve much research into what is possible and what can be made possible. Ideally it will also produce pioneering visible projects that inspire and point the way towards a sustainable future.

Anyone wanting to convene a working group on any topic (listed or not) please contact and we will endeavour to put you in touch with like minds.

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