Electricity Monitor Loan Scheme

Transition Town Brixton has 10 ‘Efergy Electricity Monitors’ to LEND to the community, thanks to our recent Carbon Neutral grant from the Permaculture Association. These tell you what electricity you are using in real time and tot it up day by day, week by week so you can see how much energy you are saving as you discover where you house is leaking electricity.

Sign up to borrow one here

TTB is lending them to Brixton householders for ONE MONTH each so that they can reduce their electricity usage, save money and carbon emissions.

The ONLY OBLIGATION if you borrow a meter is

  • to install it immediately,
  • to really try to reduce your electricity usage
  • to track your electricity descent ie how much you manage to reduce by
  • and to record what you discovered, what was difficult, easy, made the biggest difference etc as a comment on the Members’ Experience page.

We hope this will inspire and help others to make really significant savings of energy and carbon. We want to make it easy and fun and a no-brainer for everyone to do. See previous borrowers experiences and other resources here

Surveys reckon and our experience has shown that savings of up to 25% can be made just by being able to be aware of how much energy you are using. Electricity has more than trebled in price recently and is set to rise further. It is only about 40% energy (in)efficient in this country so you could be saving a lot of carbon dioxide emissions.

If you would like to borrow an Electricity Monitor or go on the waiting list please fill out the form here and we will get back to you. It may take a week. By signing up you agree to do the 4 action points above. If it is not a convenient time for you you can postpone receiving your meter. We will hold your information on an electronic database and will not pass it on without your express permission.

Picture of someone holding the smart meter monitor showing the reading

If you would like to help TTB run this scheme (which could grow) to help make the population energy conscious and ‘energy descent’ a reality please email. We want to design an online ‘analytics’ programme where people can plot their achievements and compare and compete. Who can get the lowest base load on their dwelling? We want to make low energy living a talking point!

Change to Renewables

If you haven’t already please go to http://www.ecotricity.co.uk and change your electricity to renewable. Ecotricity have two tariffs, one totally renewable and another with a conventional generation mix. What makes them among the best is that all their profits go to constructing new renewable energy generating capacity. Please quote transition brixton as the code and TTB will get a small commission to help with our work.

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