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6 responses to “Subscribe to TTB Newsletter”

  1. Please send me copies of your newsletters

  2. Hi Kim, you need to click where is says ‘here’ and it will take you to another page for you to sign up.

  3. Would like to receive updates regarding regeneration and local development projects and schemes in the Brixton area.

  4. Hi Sergio,

    Probably best to sign up for the newsletter or to be on one of the lists, so you find out about things. Take a look here:

    Penny (web admin)

  5. Hi,

    I live just across the street from the park in which you are based. I noticed that your group is using the small hall for your activities. I recently qulified as a fitness instructor and I would be interested in either hiring your hall or offering my skills and teach for free.

    Please do let me know


  6. Hi Michala,
    Thanks for your query, I have passed on to the relevant person.

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