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  2. heard there were plans to build straw bale structure somewhere. please inform.
    I have been given provisional permission to build a structure in a small woodland at the quadrangle trust nr 7oaks in kent ( and am keen to start a project there and wonder whether BTT could get involved

  3. Hi Nigel

    What kind of help are you looking for?

    Personally speaking it is a long way out of London for me to volunteer any free time. Alistair has invited me down a few times, but never managed to make it yet.

    Within our community we have skills in
    - cob and straw bale building experience
    - permaculture design (to design the functionality, flow and usage of the building)
    - forest garden design (to design food growing around the building, which incorporates the building)
    - solar pv design and installations
    - solar water design and installations
    - greywater treatment systems
    - compost toilets
    - landscape design
    - green roofs

    Personally I would be happy to run a forest garden or a permaculture workshop at the quadrangle. Not sure what time others could put into helping you.

    Feel free to email me

    Best wishes


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