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We are almost completely volunteer-run and answering emails takes up a lot of our volunteers’ time. So please try not to email … do one or more of the following instead:

  • Come to an event and talk to the organizers.
  • Come to our monthly ‘Shared Space’ evening now on the second Monday of each month, see ‘Upcoming Events’ on the right.
  • Join the TTB-active mailing list and email your question to the group.
  • Or, if you use Facebook, join the Transition Town Brixton Facebook group and send your question to that group.
  • Try using the search box in the top right hand of the website. If you get too many hits, put your query in quotes and the exact phrase will then be searched for.

Further instructions for joining the TTB-active and Facebook groups are under ‘Get Involved’ where you can also sign up for newsletters and website updates (or see box to the right for some options):

Email contact – if that is needed after all:

  • General contact:
  • If you have funding suggestions:

Website contact: To be made a contributor to the website and for any technical queries not answered on the site here, please email

For sub-group contact details, see under individual group names.

8 responses to “Contact us”

  1. I have just seen your excellent video on you tube ‘how to install secondary glazing’, which says refer to the TTB website for recommended suppliers. However, I have searched repeatedly and meandered around but can’t find any such information. This is a shame as this is such a good measure, with such a good video. Can anyone direct me to the right place?

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  3. Dear Duncan,

    I hope you’re well. I’ve been in touch with Becca Thackray and meeting with her next Tuesday to then go on to the meeting at Kaff. I am a director from Changing Face Collective; a group of artists, writers, actors, photographers and film-makers based in Brixton. We are currently working on our next project, Changing Face, which focuses on Brixton and, indeed, Lambeth’s changing face as a community. Changing Face is an immersive festival, combining verbatim theatre, film and photography to document and celebrate Brixton’s past, present and future. I am directing the verbatim theatre production, and I have been conducting interviews with people and organisations local to Brixton and Lambeth with a focus on the people facing evictions over the past 12 months. It would be brilliant to meet with you for a really casual and brief interview about Transition Town Brixton as well as talking about Brixton’s changing face.

    I do hope we can arrange a date/time that suits, and I look forward to hearing from you.

    With very best wishes,


  4. Are you still running this group?

  5. Yes. Website posting and update imminent.

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