We have a dedicated email address for any funding opportunities you may hear of. It is Please forward anything you think that TTB may be able to apply for. Thanks.

Note: we have left some archived material about funding on this site for reference – it is not current, but may be useful to indicate possibilities.

Funding History

TTB has applied for many funds and succeeded a few times. In order to help future funding applications and perhaps up our game here are links to previous applications, most recent first.
Edge Fund one page first stage application: (useful short summary and current needs)
Lloyds Social Entrepreneurs fund application: (again useful summary and current needs – [...]

Current Funding Opportunities

Funding opportunities will be added with most current first. If you decide to apply to one of the funds on behalf of a TTB group or project please let know so that we can support and not duplicate. We have set up a TTB-funding googlegroup and encourage a funding-interested member of each project and [...]

TTB Fundraiser

TTB seek paid fundraiser, part-time post.


[Note: This content has been moved from our old website and is out of date. The author displayed is the person moving it, not the original author. Click here for details.]
O2 It’s Your Community Awards from £100 to £1000 for making things better where you live. This scheme closed in December 2009. Projects supported in the past [...]

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