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New ‘Home Growers’ service helps you create productive gardens

New ‘Home Growers’ service helps you create productive gardens

For home or community fruit and veg – 10% off first 5.
We recently received the following information about a service to help home or community gardens set up. There are lots of inspiring photos on the website and an introduction to Jack and Charlie who run Home Growers.
“Home Growers is a small South London based [...]

Croydon Lane Farm SM7 - picture from 'Rightmove' site

Deadline Extended – Pledge Money by Friday to Buy a Community Farm near Brixton!

The deadline has been extended til next week. An update will be posted soon.
Just email pledging amount (min £50).
We have til Friday to pledge money to buy this Farm which is about 5 miles away from Brixton – if you have some money (or a lot!) you can pledge by then, please [...]

Grow Sheffield Abundance Booklet published

Grow Sheffield Abundance Booklet published

A guide to harvesting fruit in the city, based on the experience in Sheffield – to inspire us for this year. (received Feb 2011 – sorry for the delay posting)

Finally after eighteen months of labour and sweating over computers, pencils, pens and apples we proudly present to you the Abundance Handbook [...]

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