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You will also find our projects under the ‘Projects’ category. If you need access to material from our old site, it is archived here:

“Local Food is Growing” REconomy event

“Local Food is Growing” REconomy event

On Monday 11 July, TTB REconomy Project gathered 7 local food-growing enterprises at the weekly Open Project Night to build connections to get them REALLY GROWING. Watch this short film of what happened.

Six of the enterprises (see below) presented for 5 minutes each on what is happening, what is planned and what they NEED to [...]

TTB recruiting new directors

TTB started in 2007, ‘Unleashed’ in 2008 and became a Community Interest Company with 6 directors in 2010.  Some have now moved away or retired due to other commitments.
We are looking for skilled local people who are committed to helping TTB remain at the cutting edge of transitioning together towards a better future. If you are interested [...]

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