Vision: Brixton supplies all its own energy requirements from a (community owned?) renewable energy source

Built Environment and Energy have previously been combined. However, there is a new group development looking at the possibility of establishing an ESCO (Energy Services Company). The new group is called the Brixton Energy Group and the company may be called Brixton Energy. There was a meeting on 5th June and a group development group meeting is due in the next few weeks (Date of this update: 10/6/2011)

Energy Group Mins 04-12-07

I seem to have misplaced my notes after taking so long to write these up, so my apologies. These are from the notes that Olivia took – thank you!
There were four ideas that were brought up at the meeting:
A. Energy audits for key buildings
Map TTB Brixton area marking out key buildings for energy auditing (quick [...]

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