Vision: Brixton supplies all its own energy requirements from a (community owned?) renewable energy source

Built Environment and Energy have previously been combined. However, there is a new group development looking at the possibility of establishing an ESCO (Energy Services Company). The new group is called the Brixton Energy Group and the company may be called Brixton Energy. There was a meeting on 5th June and a group development group meeting is due in the next few weeks (Date of this update: 10/6/2011)

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Lambeth Energy Partnership Aims, Opportunities and Stakeholders

At November’s Shared Space All About Energy event we discussed why we would need a Lambeth Energy Partnership, who should be part of it and what it might achieve. There was universal agreement that it was a good idea.
Below is a brief summary of thinking around aims and opportunities. Below that (in blue) are the notes of the [...]

Event – “Even More About Local Energy”

Event – “Even More About Local Energy”

-  including next steps towards creating the Lambeth Energy Partnership and looking at work opportunities in local energy.

Monday 10th February, 6-9pm, The Loughborough Centre,
105 Angell Road, SW9 7PD (junction with Barrington Road) (map)

At November’s Shared Space All About Energy event we heard from numerous amazing local energy projects and took first steps towards creating a Lambeth Energy [...]

Event: All about Energy. Saving it, making it, owning it. Locally!

Event: All about Energy. Saving it, making it, owning it. Locally!

Monday 11 November 6-9pm, at the Loughborough Community Centre, 105 Angell Road, (corner of Barrington Road), SW9 7PD at TTB’s regular Shared Space Open Evening.
** see here for report back from this event. NB a follow up meeting to take next steps towards a Lambeth Energy Partnership will take place at the above address on Monday [...]

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