Eco Schools

Groundwork Southwark are promoting the Ecoschools in Lambeth. Ecoschools are great. TTB has an excellent video made by WWF about real schools’ experiences of becoming ecoschools. You are welcome to borrow it if you think you could use it to inspire schools. Here is a list of existing Ecoschools in Lambeth.
Visit WWF’s excellent learning site). [...]

Climate Change Action Programme in Lambeth Schools

Save our World is presenting this lively show for years 3-6 in Lambeth primary schools this November. We meet the schools first to encourage them to become Ecoschools and to have an energy saving project that the kids can share in. The show is fun and participatory and full of ideas of how the children [...]

Education Group Open Meeting 1.10.07

Education Group report back from Open Meeting, Assembly Room, 1.10.07
Steve Korris (convenor) Anna Stopes, Harry Cormack
Long Term Vision

Information & knowledge of how a community can live a low energy existence & be more in tune with natural cycles, to be taught in all schools as part of the regular teaching programme

This would include the knowledge [...]

Lambeth Schools Admin Officers’ Meeting, Wed 21 Nov

Duncan from TTB will be addressing this meeting on Climate Change and Peak Oil and the measures schools can take to reduce their impact and build it into their education process. Any advice or assistance gratefully received.

Reading List

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The Future of Money – a new way to create wealth, work and a wiser world. Bernard Lietaer ISBN 0 7 126 8399 2
The Under Cover Economist. Tim Harford [...]

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