Built Environment

Response to Lambeth Stategy 08-20

Working Group Response to Lambeth’s Sustainable Community Strategy 2008-2020
This submission represents the views of a working group of 9 members of Transition Town Brixton (TTB) – one of several groups at a workshop held by TTB at Lambeth Town Hall on Monday 25 February 2008. Transition Town Brixton is a community-led initiative which aims to [...]

Energy Group Meeting 19-02-08

Apologies for the delay – it’s been one of those fortnights.
Present: Adam, Duncan, Helen, Jon, Keir, Olivia, Rob, Will

Built environment group:

There is no real process already started for the buildings group; it has been agreed that the two groups will merge for the time-being.

Future Brixton

Need to work to Lambeth council’s timescale
Lambeth’s Sustainable Community Strategy 2008-2020

Where’s [...]

Lambeth Housing

Lambeth Housing – actively promoting renewable energy via housing refurbishment and regeneration
Lambeth Housing Directorate (DHS) is promoting the integration of renewable energy into housing stock refurbishment and regeneration projects to contribute to the government’s strategy on climate change and as part of its commitment to promote sustainable construction. Lambeth Council has become one of the [...]

Energy Group Mins 04-12-07

I seem to have misplaced my notes after taking so long to write these up, so my apologies. These are from the notes that Olivia took – thank you!
There were four ideas that were brought up at the meeting:
A. Energy audits for key buildings
Map TTB Brixton area marking out key buildings for energy auditing (quick [...]

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