Buildings & Energy

Built Environment and Energy have previously been combined. However, there is a new group development looking at the possibility of establishing an ESCO (Energy Services Company). The new group is called the Brixton Energy Group and the company may be called Brixton Energy. There was a meeting on 5th June and a group development group meeting is due in the next few weeks (Date of this update: 10/6/2011)

Other Urgent Built Environment Consultations

Friday 14 March for ideas for community benefit projects that might be funded out of Section 106 planning gain money that Lambeth gets out of big developers doing work in the area.
Monday 17 March to identify any planning issues or policies that need revising in the Local Development Framework (see section below), the planning bible [...]

MAR 08 Bioregional One Planet Living brainstorm initial notes.

On Wednesday 3 TTBrixtonites joined people from Lambeth Regeneration and Sustainability teams, Stock Woolstencroft the architects/Master Planners, and consultants from Bioregional to brainstorm how we can build future sustainability right throughout the Master Plan. Download the initial notes. Some of them are a bit cryptic but there are some good ideas in there.
Final report here

FUTURE BRIXTON consultationFUTURE BRIXTON consultation

1. FUTURE BRIXTON is the plan for physical regeneration of the Brixton Area. TTB has been asked to be present at the consultation workshops to inform people about the issues of Climate Change and Peak Oil and make sure they are present in the discussions. The first workshop is this Saturday 9 [...]

Lambeth Sustainable Community Strategy

This is the foundation document of the Local Development Framework (see below)
For detailed background, TTB’s submissions and links to this important document see the Local Government Group Pages

Local Development Framework

2. The Local Development Framework consultation. The LDF is the core strategy that will replace the Unitary Development Plan as the key policy document by which future planning decisions will be judged. It will include area action plans. Consultation on various key aspects of this is happening now. It is imperative that TTB has imput [...]

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