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Built Environment and Energy have previously been combined. However, there is a new group development looking at the possibility of establishing an ESCO (Energy Services Company). The new group is called the Brixton Energy Group and the company may be called Brixton Energy. There was a meeting on 5th June and a group development group meeting is due in the next few weeks (Date of this update: 10/6/2011)

NOV 08 Key points from November meeting of Buildings & Energy Group

November 20th, Vida Walsh Centre, Brixton
We took forward three areas of work: the LDF consultation, the Roupell Park Energy Centre and the development of community outreach.
1. LDF consultation
We definitely need to respond to the consultation on the scoping document for the Sustainability Appraisal for the new Local Development Framework (phew). This document sets out the [...]

NOV 08 Next meeting of Buildings & Energy Group

The next meeting of the TTB Buildings and Energy Group will take place on Thursday 20 November at 7pm at the Vida Walsh Centre, 2 Saltoun Road, Brixton SW2 1EP (first building on right entering Saltoun Road from Effra Road).
We agreed to break into four groups to work on our four priorities:
1. Develop the group’s [...]

NOV 08 Local Development Framework Sustainability Appraisal – consultation

Further to our priority #3, Lambeth is currently consulting on its Sustainability Appraisal (SA) Scoping Report for the new Local Development Framework (the big overarching planning strategy currently in development). The following is from the Planning Department:
”The aim of the SA process is to assess the overall environmental, social and economic impact of development plan [...]

Nov 08 Roupell Park Energy Centre

TTB has already contributed to the development of the basic terms of the contract for this project. We were asked at very short notice to suggest changes to the following terms (not the full spec):
”Task 12.9 is to build an Energy Centre on the Roupell Park Estate that will be used as an education and [...]

OCT 08 First meeting of new TTB Buildings and Energy group

Following the successful Great Unleashing of Transition Town Brixton the first meeting of the new Buildings and Energy Group took place on 21 October 2008. Participants explored a range of possibilities for action and identified the following priorities:
1. Develop the group’s collective knowledge of the resources that currently exist to assist people in improving the [...]

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