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Built Environment and Energy have previously been combined. However, there is a new group development looking at the possibility of establishing an ESCO (Energy Services Company). The new group is called the Brixton Energy Group and the company may be called Brixton Energy. There was a meeting on 5th June and a group development group meeting is due in the next few weeks (Date of this update: 10/6/2011)

Carbon Calculators

UK citizen’s emit about 13 tonnes of CO2 each per year including ‘consumption’. Direct emissions (ie those you are directly responsible for by travelling or using energy in your home) are about 5.6tonnes of CO2 each. About 2.4tonnes is attributable to ‘government’ or ‘shared services’.
The sustainable level (ie what the world can absorb for each [...]

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Energy Group Contacts
feel free to add your name if you want to get involved, or make any corrections or additions to existing contacts

Minutes of meeting 04-12-07

Minutes of meeting 15-01-08

Minutes of meeting 19-02-08

CAfE conference – places going fast
Don’t forget the CAfE conference is just one month away, on 11th November in Oxford. Book now and don’t [...]

Building and Energy Group

June 09 Key points from Buildings & Energy meeting on May 26th
Canton Arms, South Lambeth Road Present: Chris, Martin, Toni, Adam, Ed, Jeremy Cavanagh At the start of the meeting Chris gave an overview of the ASSA Climate Action Network activities at the start of the meeting.
1. Strategic Goals for 2009
The priorities set in November [...]

FEB 09 Next meeting of Buildings and Energy group – Tuesday 17th March, 7pm

Please join us at the next meeting of the Buildings and Energy group when we will be pulling together our collective wisdom to create the beginnings of a flexible training package for community outreach on domestic energy issues.
The meeting will take place from 7pm to 9pm in the King’s Acre Methodist Church, 59 Lyham Road, [...]

MAR 09 Key points from Buildings & Energy meeting on March 17th

7pm, Kings Acre Church, Lyham Road. Present: Will, Martin, Toni, Stephen, Jill, Geff, Adrian, Sue, Jon
1. Roupell Park
Toni reported that she and other members of the Roupell Park steering group had met with residents of the estate. Interest had been shown in the Energy Centre and in using the land around it for allotments. However [...]

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