Running TTB

Transition Town Brixton is a Community Interest Company and has open meetings approximately monthly. These are attended by directors, working group representatives and anyone else who is interested. The agenda is advertised beforehand on the TTB-active email group and in the calendar. Additional items for the agenda are welcomed.

Events planning

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updated 3 March 2009: Planning for a programme of events:
Please view the TTB calendar on Google Calendar alongside the planning calendar.
Transition Drinks A desire [...]

Current discussions about membership and how TTB is run

Click here for our previous governance discussion archived from our previous website with extensive details and comments.
The current situation is that the directors and the working group forum are meeting jointly and have a agreed a 3 month trial of consensus decision making. Membership possibilities are being explored.

TTB and the Director of Lambeth First on 11 March 2010

Notes of  Meeting
Present: Ian Jackson(Director Lambeth First), Duncan, Margaret
1. Existing Lambeth – TTB contacts
Remade is already supplying a Waste Prevention Officer to Lambeth Council.
2. Opportunities for TTB
a) Lambeth have established a Social Enterprise Development Fund to help emerging enterprises to develop. TTB may be able to tap into this.
b) Steve Reed’s Plans for Co-operative [...]

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