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Apart from coming along to events there are several different ways to keep in touch – you can sign up to receive newsletters or for website updates or to be on the TTB ‘actives’ email list. These options are in the box to the right of this page.

Or follow us on Facebook or Twitter. All posts to this website are automatically tweeted, so that’s a good way to hear news.

Also some TTB groups have their own mailing lists or newsletters – look at the group or project information to find details.

See below for posts about specific opportunities.

Events planning

[Note: This content has been moved from our old website. The author displayed is the person moving it, not the original author. Click here for details. Some links need fixing]

updated 3 March 2009: Planning for a programme of events:
Please view the TTB calendar on Google Calendar alongside the planning calendar.
Transition Drinks A desire [...]

Current discussions about membership and how TTB is run

Click here for our previous governance discussion archived from our previous website with extensive details and comments.
The current situation is that the directors and the working group forum are meeting jointly and have a agreed a 3 month trial of consensus decision making. Membership possibilities are being explored.

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