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Apart from coming along to events there are several different ways to keep in touch – you can sign up to receive newsletters or for website updates or to be on the TTB ‘actives’ email list. These options are in the box to the right of this page.

Or follow us on Facebook or Twitter. All posts to this website are automatically tweeted, so that’s a good way to hear news.

Also some TTB groups have their own mailing lists or newsletters – look at the group or project information to find details.

See below for posts about specific opportunities.


When E F Schumacher (Small is Beautiful) was accused of being a crank he replied, “I’m quite happy with that. Cranks cause revolutions.”
This page is for your ideas. We know there are hundreds of good ideas out there… Please add below a short outline of your idea, your name and contact details would be great. [...]

Definition of an Open Organisation

[Note: This content has been moved from our old website. The author displayed is the person moving it, not the original author. Click here for details.]
“An open organisation is an organisation open to anyone who agrees to abide by its purpose and principles, with complete transparency and clearly defined decision making structures, ownership patterns, and [...]

Transition Enterprise

We need to vision, plan and pioneer the jobs of the future.
We want to make Transition our livelihood and to earn some money for TTB.
At the Shared Space Open Evening on 4 October 2010, Stephen Edwards convened Transition Enterprise Action (TEA). Quite a lot of people were enthusiastic and a number of actions were set [...]

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