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Meeting; TTB and Lambeth First 14-12-09

Present: Ian Jackson (Director of Lambeth First), Duncan, Margaret, Martin (Buildings and Energy)
Lambeth First is the Local Strategic Partnership and includes the Council Chief Executive, Executives from the Police, the Hospital Trusts, the University etc etc
Key elements of structure are:
- The Strategic Board which produces the Sustainable Community Strategy – the 10-15 year vision of [...]

Brixton Pound Aims and Values Consultation
The Brixton Pound Group, the steering group of the Brixton Pound, has decided to officially ‘incorporate’ ie become an official registered limited liability company with clear community aims. In the new year we will be finalising our Articles of Association. We want to get as much input as possible from ‘stakeholders’, local users and traders, [...]

Reliance: The story of Brixton (Past, Present & Future)

[Note: This content has been moved from our old website. The author displayed is the person moving it, not the original author. Click here for details.]
How much has Brixton changed over the last ten to fifteen years? How much have things changed even in the last year? In what ways will Brixton change again when [...]

TTB Vacancies

Please find below a list of TTB’s current voluntary vacancies:

Food Group Coordinators and a variety of other roles and one-off tasks
Please click here for the Food and Growing Group tasklist to see what is available (a spreadsheet should open in your browser) – email

Members of Welcoming Team – email
Film Showing Coordinator – email
Directors for Brixton [...]

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