How much has Brixton changed over the last ten to fifteen years? How much have things changed even in the last year? In what ways will Brixton change again when factors like rising oil prices and climate change start to take a toll?
What brings us [...]

Introduction to Permaculture

Transition Town Brixton Weekend Introduction to Permaculture Course 21st/22nd March 2009
Led by Permaculture Diploma holders Graham Burnett (author, Permaculture A Beginners Guide) Mark Warner, (former Chair, Permaculture Association of Britain) and Duncan Law (Permaculture Designer and founder of Transition Town Brixton)
About the course
This is a ‘potted’ Permaculture course with an urban flavour, looking at the [...]

Local Community Growing Projects

The ABUNDANCE PROJECT Guinness Trust Estate
The Blenheim Gardens Edible Estate: One of the first Capital Growth funded projects, started in December 2008. Click here for some example documents from the project. Or visit Bonnie’s blog on Project Dirt.
Tulse Hill Edible Estate
Loughborough Estate
Josephine Avenue
Caldwell Gardens
Lorn Road Allotments
Windmill Allotments, Lyham Road
Food Up Front supports people in South [...]


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Visit Bonnie’s blog on Project Dirt.
Below are some of the documents so far generated for this project. Larger ones (containing photos) such as the letter sent to seed companies and the hand out with questionnaire sent to every household are too big to post. Sorry
Flikr Photo Galleries
Simple outline
Door knocking survey [...]

TTB Home

Welcome to Transition Town Brixton Wiki
NB: Please see also our new website which we are gradually moving all information over to. This wiki site will be frozen soon. If you would like to add material, please do so on the new site, if possible. Thanks.
On Thursday 2 October 2008 Transition Town Brixton ‘Unleashed’ [...]

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