Notes on the London Plan

Notes on the London Plan
Prepared by Penny Noy, Jan 2010
We have a copy of the plan, which is also available online (here), and I have been studying it with reference to the food and growing aspects. However, though the my notes are mostly food and growing related, I have referenced other aspects as well, if [...]

What is the London Plan?

The Mayor’s London Plan for London til 2031
What is the London Plan?
The consultation draft replacement London Plan is open for public comment from 12 October 2009 to 12 January 2010. This sets out a framework for the next 20 to 25 years and includes many aspects relating to Transition Towns, for example ‘urban greening’, food [...]

TTB and the Sustainble Communities Act 2007

TTB and the Sustainble Communities Act 2007

Three proposals – all nominate by Lambeth – were agreed at the cabinet meeting in July. They are about
Local Authorities having discretion to reduce business rates for those that promote sustainability.
Combatting ‘Land Banking’ by giving Local Authorities the power to require long term empty properties to be sold at current market rates.
Helping keep the high [...]

Food Facts

Go to Future of Food Open Space page
This was the source material used for Bonnie and Duncan’s talk on food security at the Food Open Space Day on 10th October 09.
This link will take you to a clean printable google docs version:
Food Facts: key food security facts, Oct 09 (working draft).
The text below is identical [...]

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