Local food hub

Local food hub – how it could get started
Three local organisations with an interest in improving access to local food would like to work with other interested local partners to develop the idea of a ‘local food hub’: a place where local people can get quality local organic produce, be informed about food nutrition and [...]

Developing Sustainable Food Strategies

Developing Sustainable
Food Strategies
A process to enable communities to develop sustainable food systems which are less reliant on oil and other external inputs.
Background 2
The Project 2
The Need 2
The approach 4
Outputs and outcomes 4
The Project in detail 5
Proposed process 5
Introductory workshop 6
Bring together strong and leading partnership 6
Appoint a steering group 6
Ongoing workshops 6
Outcomes 7
A local strategy [...]

Building and Energy Group

June 09 Key points from Buildings & Energy meeting on May 26th
Canton Arms, South Lambeth Road Present: Chris, Martin, Toni, Adam, Ed, Jeremy Cavanagh At the start of the meeting Chris gave an overview of the ASSA Climate Action Network activities at the start of the meeting.
1. Strategic Goals for 2009
The priorities set in November [...]

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