The growing communities

The growing communities

Films and Media Coverage

Matt Harvey’s amusing introduction to Transition including a visit to Brixton’S ABUNDANCE Project. Go to BBC link here.
Scenes, images and dialogue from Brixton Market built into a brilliant animation by Year 3 children from Lark Hall Primary. See the whole animation here.
A bunch of interesting urban food growing videos, including one on [...]

Food Visions from the Great Unleashing

Below are all the visions that people at the Great Unleashing (Oct 2008) came up with that related to Food and Growing. They wrote them on leaves and stuck them on a tree… they also wrote a lot of other things that relate to other groups – you can read all their ideas here
Food and [...]

Growing Opportunities

Current Growing Projects Sept 2010
Help bring more land in Brixton into production, learn and exchange gardening skills and have fun gardening together. We have two projects to join in with:
1. Age Concern ‘Gardening@Vida’s – establishing demonstration gardens and a gardening club near Windrush square
Wed afternoons, 1.30 – 4.30 at the Vida Walsh Centre: 2b Saltoun [...]

Background to Brixton Growing

Just about every bit of the UK has a long history of growing stuff and this area is no exception. London, Middlesex and Surrey are the birth place of many types of apple and other fruit trees, like the Victoria Plum (see Appendix A for a list). As recently as the late 17th century Lambeth [...]

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