TTB Vacancies

Please find below a list of TTB’s current voluntary vacancies:

Food Group Coordinators and a variety of other roles and one-off tasks
Please click here for the Food and Growing Group tasklist to see what is available (a spreadsheet should open in your browser) – email

Members of Welcoming Team – email
Film Showing Coordinator – email
Directors for Brixton [...]

Food Group Open Meeting, Assembly room 1.10.07

Food Group Open Meeting, Assembly Room, 1.10.07
Attended by (please fill in) and Hannah Lewis (convenor)

1 Draft a vision
2 Draft some steps to take towards the vision
3 Name some concrete next steps that we can take

1: Vision
Our vision had three aspects:
1) Local food and water growing and feeding
• As much food as possible will be [...]

Food and Growing planning mtg agenda 14.01.09

Brixton Food and Growing Group Planning Meeting


Please feel free to edit this agenda and add you own items (with your name beside) by clicking Edit in the left menu and logging in with: ttwiki
1. Welcome – Introduction – Apologies
2. Minutes: volunteer to take minutes
3. Intros: Who we are, what we do
4. Brief update on group [...]


When E F Schumacher (Small is Beautiful) was accused of being a crank he replied, “I’m quite happy with that. Cranks cause revolutions.”
This page is for your ideas. We know there are hundreds of good ideas out there… Please add below a short outline of your idea, your name and contact details would be great. [...]

Definition of an Open Organisation

[Note: This content has been moved from our old website. The author displayed is the person moving it, not the original author. Click here for details.]
“An open organisation is an organisation open to anyone who agrees to abide by its purpose and principles, with complete transparency and clearly defined decision making structures, ownership patterns, and [...]

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