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UK citizen’s emit about 13 tonnes of CO2 each per year including ‘consumption’. Direct emissions (ie those you are directly responsible for by travelling or using energy in your home) are about 5.6tonnes of CO2 each. About 2.4tonnes is attributable to ‘government’ or ‘shared services’.
The sustainable level (ie what the world can absorb for each [...]

Energy Group Contacts


Adam Herriott

Olivia Errey

Rob Lewis

John Sleeman

Keir Sweeney

Will Anderson

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Energy Group Contacts
feel free to add your name if you want to get involved, or make any corrections or additions to existing contacts

Minutes of meeting 04-12-07

Minutes of meeting 15-01-08

Minutes of meeting 19-02-08

CAfE conference – places going fast
Don’t forget the CAfE conference is just one month away, on 11th November in Oxford. Book now and don’t [...]

Education Group Open Meeting 1.10.07

Education Group report back from Open Meeting, Assembly Room, 1.10.07
Steve Korris (convenor) Anna Stopes, Harry Cormack
Long Term Vision

Information & knowledge of how a community can live a low energy existence & be more in tune with natural cycles, to be taught in all schools as part of the regular teaching programme

This would include the knowledge [...]

Economy and Business Working Group Meeting – Monday 31st March 2008-04-02

Where: The Melanin Partnership at Piano House
When: 6:30pm
Sue Bell
Mamading Ceesay
Robert Geddis
Duncan Law
Hannah Lewis
Josh Ryan-Collins
Jody Boehnert
John Walker
Saskia Walzel
Balbir Singh
The next event on the Economy programme is Growing Local Money with John Rogers, Monday 7 April, 7-9pm, Brixton St Vincent’s Community Centre, Talma Road, SW2 1AS
LOCAL ECONOMY DAY Thurs 19 [...]

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