group meetings calendar

Group meetings calendar
Transition Town Brixton aims to involve everyone in Brixton in planning for a low fossil fuel energy future -
All are very welcome to come along to the meetings of the different groups. Please get in touch with the contact people of the groups before you come along. This is important so that newcomers [...]

Food Group Open Meeting, Assembly room 1.10.07

Food Group Open Meeting, Assembly Room, 1.10.07
Attended by (please fill in) and Hannah Lewis (convenor)

1 Draft a vision
2 Draft some steps to take towards the vision
3 Name some concrete next steps that we can take

1: Vision
Our vision had three aspects:
1) Local food and water growing and feeding
• As much food as possible will be [...]

Food and Growing planning mtg agenda 14.01.09

Brixton Food and Growing Group Planning Meeting


Please feel free to edit this agenda and add you own items (with your name beside) by clicking Edit in the left menu and logging in with: ttwiki
1. Welcome – Introduction – Apologies
2. Minutes: volunteer to take minutes
3. Intros: Who we are, what we do
4. Brief update on group [...]


There is lots of mapping going on! Many transition and other green groups are creating maps. There is much overlap, but we need to experiment to find the best approach. Currently we have 6 maps. 5 individual ones using Google Maps and one that we are developing with the Mapping for Change group. The last [...]

Thinking about the future of food

Chatworth House_Thinking about the future of food

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