Remade Meeting 7

Remade in Brixton

Notes 7 April 2009 (7pm)
Trinity Arms, 45 Trinity Gardens, London, SW9 8DR
Present: Olivia Christopherson, Tom Graham, Hannah Lewis, James Tyas
1. Visioning – update and next steps
We had a look at all the visions for a zero-waste Brixton that were brainstormed at the previous meeting on 4 March
Most of tonight’s meeting was spent categorising [...]

Remade Meeting 6

Remade in Brixton
Notes 4 March 2009 (7pm)
Trinity Arms, 45 Trinity Gardens, London, SW9 8DR
Present: Sophie Broadbent, Olivia Christopherson, Mitchell Jacobs, Hannah Lewis, Sue Sheehan
1. Scoping document / EDAP chapter
Hannah presented a rough draft of the Remade in Brixton scoping document – available as a Google Doc here. The initial intention was that the same document would [...]

Remade Meeting 5

Remade in Brixton

Notes 11 February 2009

Hannah Lewis – founder Remade in Brixton, ex [re]design
Stephen Edwards – Designer, interested in Industrial Symbiosis
Deborah Silva – Film student
Charlie Holland – Circus Space / Lambeth Cyclists
Mitchell Jacobs – Mo-Shon
Katharina Bielenberg – Waste Oil business
Louise Jordan – Food Group, works for Community Recycling In Southwark Project (CRISP)
Sophie Broadbent – works [...]

Remade Meeting 4

Remade in Brixton
Notes 21 January 2009
Melanin Partnership, 5th Floor, Piano House, Brighton Terrace, London SW9 8DJ
Present Katharina Bielenberg, Mitchell Jacobs, Hannah Lewis, Debora Silva
Repair Centre

Easy point of entry for people not already engaged with TTB.
Different strands:

- reduction of waste stream – industrial side
- arty fun side – clothes, homewares
- youth enterprises – e.g. waste oil [...]

Remade in Brixton

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Remade in Brixton is a community-led initiative for a waste-free Brixton. We develop and promote action to make better use of resources locally, focusing on efficient use, repair, reuse and [...]

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