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Below are some of the documents so far generated for this project. Larger ones (containing photos) such as the letter sent to seed companies and the hand out with questionnaire sent to every household are too big to post. Sorry
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Simple outline
Door knocking survey [...]

TTB Home

Welcome to Transition Town Brixton Wiki
NB: Please see also our new website which we are gradually moving all information over to. This wiki site will be frozen soon. If you would like to add material, please do so on the new site, if possible. Thanks.
On Thursday 2 October 2008 Transition Town Brixton ‘Unleashed’ [...]

Agenda – Hub Group Meeting

1. Welcome. Introduction.
2. Apologies
3. Minutes: volunteer to take minutes.
4. Introduction to meeting processes: handsignals, proposal, etc.
5. Updates on groups by all group spokespersons.
6. Core TTB group issues & sustainability. Jody
inc. shared aims/vision?
inc. ensuring good communication between groups
inc. procedures for sharing/updating of contacts
inc. [...]

Hub Group Page

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Transition Town Brixton is the chief project of the Lambeth Climate Action Group. The constitution of LCAG
Hub Group Meeting
Summary of Hub Group
Groups have been [...]

Food Group Open Meeting 1.10.07

Food Group Open Meeting, Assembly Room, 1.10.07
Attended by (please fill in) and Hannah Lewis (convenor)
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1 Draft a vision
2 Draft some steps to take towards the vision
3 Name some concrete next steps that we can take
1: Vision
Our vision had three aspects:
1) Local food and water growing and feeding
• As much food as possible will [...]

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