Remade Meeting 2

TT Brixton Waste Group Meeting 10 November 2008
Present: Sophie U -TTBrixton Waste, ex WEN waste prevention and journalist Hannah – Brixton Remade/ background in design / writes materials Lynda – interested in waste / recycling – lives Herne Hill Duncan – TT Brixton Tim – intern at Forum for the Future and policy experience of [...]

Remade Meeting 1

Remade in Brixton
Minutes: Meeting 1
6.30pm, Wednesday 22 October 2008
Melanin Partnership / Mo-Shon, 5th Floor, Piano House, Brighton Terrace, London SW9 8DJ
Sophie Broadbent, Olivia Christophersen, Charlie Holland, Mitchell Jacobs, Hannah Lewis, Tim Nichols, Susie Steed
Topics discussed
People’s interests and skills

Sophie – works in TV (currently for BBC), interested in programme-making in this subject area
Olivia and Charlie – [...]

Heart and Soul Group

This group will offer solidarity in difficult times and facing difficult truths. It will explore the psychology of change to help TTB make its message effective and acceptable.* It will seek to keep us hopeful and positive.
* (drawing on Rob Hopkins work on addiction in his MSC thesis, Chris Johnstone’s work ‘Finding your Power’ and [...]

Talks and forming a Health Group

Dr Hugh Montgomery of UCH has agreed to do his excellent talk on Survival and Climate Change for TTB. If anyone would like to take on organising this and getting as many health practitioners in Brixton in to begin a Health Group please email

Conferences on Climate Change and Health
29 October 2007. Next in a [...]

LCG Minutes 27-08-08

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Summary of Local Currency Group Minutes
Wednesday 27th August 2008
Was this right??
Things Discussed
What do we want to achieve with a local currency and how will we measure it?
• Example from John [...]

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