Films and Shorts! (Online and Off)
Supporting Materials for Group Convenors
Resources for people planning events, venues etc.
see here
Smart meters to lend
These meters are borrowable for 4 weeks on condition that you log your progress in reducing you energy use with advice and discoveries on the website. See

TTB Community Shop/Transition Centre

TTB has had the Community Shop and office for since December 2009. (To help please sign up here). They have been an invaluable asset and have brought us much more in opportunities than they have cost us. We conclude that we need premises. But what kind and where? TTB/Remade in Brixton working with the Council [...]

TTB Reskilling

TTB has launched its reskilling program to help the people of Brixton learn skills that have been lost over the last 50 years and which will be needed after peak oil. The Reskilling Program will offer courses in areas including food and growing, sustainable energy, sustainable building construction/maintenance, transport, carpentry, textiles/clothing, health, cleaning and computing. [...]

TTB and the Sustainble Communities Act 2007

TTB and the Sustainble Communities Act 2007

Three proposals – all nominate by Lambeth – were agreed at the cabinet meeting in July. They are about
Local Authorities having discretion to reduce business rates for those that promote sustainability.
Combatting ‘Land Banking’ by giving Local Authorities the power to require long term empty properties to be sold at current market rates.
Helping keep the high [...]

Transition Town Brixton Unleashing Visions

At the Unleashing on Thursday 2 October hundreds of people in small groups came up with positive visions of the better low energy future they would like to live in and work towards through TTB. These were arranged on the Transition Tree according to catagories.
I’m hoping to feel a lot less sceptical
Feel safe
All these ideas [...]

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