Climate Camp 2009 – in LONDON!!!



Camp for Climate Action 2009

26 Aug – 2 Sept, London

Public Swoop on Wednesday 26 August. The exact location will be announced on the day.
With the city lights in sight, you pitch your tent alongside thousands of others. Another future emerges from the ground. Welcome to the Climate Camp.
Last year thousands of people camped [...]

Aims of Communications Group

Minutes for TTB Communications Group meeting, 18.2.2009, Trinity Arms, 7.30pm
Present: Chris Blake (convenor), Rhiann Thomas, Duncan Law (minutes)
Last minutes – minutes were not taken at last meeting.
Objectives for the group:
The communications group is a loose group which provides expertise to other groups to enable internal and external communications. It also will facilitate effective communications for [...]

February 2009 Transition News

February 2009
Transition News            
Dear Readers
Welcome to the first edition of Transition News, Transition Town Brixton (TTB)

Brixton Pound

Currency Group – Brixton Pound

For more updated information and to sign up to use B£s please visit
In September 2009, Transition Town Brixton’s Currency Group will launch the Brixton Pound: a local currency which can be spent only with local Brixton businesses.
The Brixton Pound will make money work for Brixton by supporting smaller shops and traders who are under threat [...]

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