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Peak Oil Talk

'Energy Beyond Oil' by Paul Mobbs

Lambeth Town Hall. 7.30 Thursday 17 May, 2007, entry by donation

Paul Mobbs (author of 'Energy Beyond Oil') will review the evidence for the imminent peaking of global energy production, how the UK energy economy operates, and the sorts of measures that will be necessary for the UK to adapt [...]

The Vision for the Future

Brixton twinned with a rural area to provide much wind, solar and perhaps tidal energy
All old buildings in brixton retrofitted with appropriate insulation, heating etc
All new buildings, which will nevertheless be affordable, perfectly insulated, using local sustainable materials
Efficient use of waste water
People will have high degree of self-sufficiency in maintenance
Excellent [...]

How Will it Work to Make a Really Good Operation?

TTB influencing the council and to some extent central Government and the EU
TTB drawing on ideas from, and supported by, other Transition Towns
Consultation of stakeholders will be key

Residents’ groups
All owners of buildings – schools, council, individuals


TTB approach Council with the Woking Standards for new build
TTB press for incentive schemes for energy-saving measures eg council tax reduced
TTB press for twinning with a rural area

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