Christmas Social

From Matt Dunton – Transition Towns Brighton

Meeting – December 4th

Tuesday 4 December, 7pm
Brixton Town Hall
Acre Lane.

Brixton Public Meeting

‘IF we don’t do the impossible, we shall be faced with the unthinkable’.  – Petra Kelly quoted by Deepak last week at our meeting

Deepak Rughani made strong case at our Public Meeting last week for a moratorium on destruction of the rainforests.  All of our at cutting carbon locally will be meaningless without the [...]

Transition Town Brighton!

Transition Town Brixton has been given a gift by the newly formed Transition Town’s Brighton: An illustration of the transition our neighbours have in mind.

Be the Change

Be the Change Conference
Would you like to see Rob Hopkins speak about Transition Towns at ‘Be the Change Conference?’
As a group we will get half price tickets for

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