Local Development Framework

2. The Local Development Framework consultation. The LDF is the core strategy that will replace the Unitary Development Plan as the key policy document by which future planning decisions will be judged. It will include area action plans. Consultation on various key aspects of this is happening now. It is imperative that TTB has imput [...]

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news 2008

Day of Action on Biofuels
Saturday 26 January (the beginning of week of action around the country)
"Biofuels are a climate justice issue, a social justice issue, a human
justice issue." Andrew Boswell, Biofuelwatch.

Information stall outside Tesco’s (because of Tesco?s corporate
involvement in the biofuel industry and in particularly Palm Oil for
email info@transitiontownbrixton.org
to get involved.

Duncan Law from TTB on BBC News 24

December 14th – Our very own Duncan Law on BBC News 24 commenting on the UN talks in Bali.

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