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When you think about climate change and energy depletion, do you feel overwhelmed by the scale of the challenges we face in the future?

Transition Town Brixton believes this is an opportunity to rethink the way we do everything, to reconnect with our planet and our community. We know that the world is changing and we think that it is better to design our future to take that change into account, reduce its impact and make it beneficial rather than wait to be surprised by it.

We will develop a vision of a better low-energy/carbon future for Brixton, plan how to get there and make it happen.

How will we do this?

We are a community-led initiative with several working groups in different areas of interest, working on different projects to plan a transition to a low-energy future.

For example, Brixton Pound stimulates local trade and production, while Remade in Brixton promotes waste reduction, recycling and reuse.

By working together locally, we can build a community that is more interconnected, resilient and self-reliant. And we can learn new skills (and rediscover old ones) and have fun along the way!

Why don’t you join us?

More information

Our aims and structure

Our history

Transition worldwide


2 responses to “About TTB”

  1. Hi there! I will be in London in the last week of July, possibly in August if I am needed.

    The woman on the telephone in Totnes suggested I contact you.

    Do you need me? For a weekend, a few days, a week or a few weeks this summer?

    I live in Leipzig Germany at the moment. I first heard about transition towns in Ireland (my family is in Cork and Kerry) and from friends who do permaculture. I am involved in what basically is a complete transition of the part of Leipzig I live in ( Schumann Magistrale) and have joined the TT for Germany, Switzerland and Austria and the local group.

    I grew up in a farming community in New York State based on caring for the elderly. They could be active in the community until they needed care and then they were professionally cared for there. They taught me many of the things Transition Towns call reskilling. I learned many basic trades (Jill of all trades and mistress of none? haha! ) . The farm was bio dynamic and it was a pretty self-sustainable community in which I got to work in all areas while growing up. I spent 21 years in Europe as a clown, developing my own form of clowning based on empathy development for hospitals and have coached teachers, businesses and performers in communication, self confidance, inner self protection and empathy. I am also a published illustrator and painter.
    I am in the process of shifting my focus, don’t know why, just following my heart, and am very interested in the transition towns movement.

    I have two kids (16 and 17 yrs old) who have their own plans this summer and a husband from Northern Ireland who has his. I have no money at all but I am rich in time, ideas, enthusiasm and willingness.

    If there is any way you could need my skills, let me know, or if you know of other groups in London that will need an extra pair of hands from end of July to c. mid August, let me know. I am not afraid of rolling my sleaves up and pitching in doing practical work and always open to jumping in blindly where I haven’t a clue at all but can learn as I go along.


    Give it a think and let me know,

    Thank you!

    Love from Deirdre

  2. Hi Deirdre, thanks for your request. I will forward it to the groups to see if they have something to suggest.
    Best regards,

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