Celebrating 10 years of TTB

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Our 10th birthday party heard a special message from Rob Hopkins, founder of the Transition movement (see below), watched a fantastic short film, heard from many of the TTB originated projects such as Incredible Edible Lambeth, the Brixton Pound, Brixton Remakery, Brixton Energy, RepoweringOpen Project Night as well as Crystal Palace Transition Town and Transition Town Tooting. We ate delicious food, 99% from surplus, prepared by Sean of the Brixton Pound Cafe and Mala, local surplus food guru, drank local booze, and generated an inspiring list of visions for Brixton in 2028. See below.

Rob Hopkins mentions the ‘beautiful short film’, assembled by Jake Fairnie, about the achievements we were celebrating. (5 mins)

And Rob Hopkins’ inspirational special message for our 10th birthday:

Visions for Brixton in 2028

These came out of four or five group discussions and were posted on a tree similar to what we did at the Great Unleashing in 2008.













(you might like also to see the visions from the Great Unleashing in 2008)

Transition dancing – once a month celebration and fun
Transition bands/talent contest celebration and fun
TTB go for an awayday! Come to Tooting, all of you! For food and hugs! celebration and fun
Community leadership to reach people’s hearts Community
Green gyms club Community
Street share (including skills) Community and sharing
Community caring for individuals and kids Community care
Vibrant community spaces brought to life by neighbours, young and old, in every corner of Lambeth Community spaces
Spaces for active connection in every ward/estate Community spaces, Language and communication
Inclusive community for safety Community, Youth and intergenerational, diversity.
Decentralised currency, B£, tokenised social impact Economy
Surviving without shopping Economy
Transition jobs training centre/skills exchange employment and skills
Roster of volunteer experience employment and skills
Revive LETS scheme employment and skills
People not working to just pay the bills but to achieve satisfaction and a sense of meaning. employment and skills
Empowered and resourced people everywhere irrespective of wealth employment and skills
Education for life employment and skills
The Full Set – tools that move us on – eg hot composter, precious plastics employment and skills
Sewing bee, knitting, sewing, clothes repair, skills revival and sharing and community building. employment and skills (and community, sharing)
Tidal power station Energy
Free domestic energy – paid by commercial business Energy
Organic food Food and beauty
Vibrant floral and edible Brixton Food and beauty
Pop up transition ‘slow’ food Food and beauty
Free food for everyone Food and beauty
Veg and herbs growing on every street, wall, rooftop Food and beauty
Grow our own salads Food and beauty
Everyone had (food growing) boxes in front of their house on every street. Food and beauty
Warehouse growing Food and beauty
Every wall a green living one Food and beauty
Self sufficient Brixton Food and beauty
Doggy bag scheme for local restuarants’ customers Food and beauty
Local supergreens high capacity warehouse hydroponic farming Food and beauty
Brixton Herb Farm, Herb Library, and sensory garden, with LED factory growing. Food and beauty
Community kitchens/cooking skills exchange Food and beauty (and community, skills)
More community gardens Food and beauty (and community)
Merging individual gardens into communal Food and beauty (and community)
Transition shelter to battle homelessness Housing and homelessness
Build in resilience, adaptability eg re-use of old building, conserving embodied carbon. Plus a low energy approach eg fabric insulation rather than mechanical services Housing and homelessness
More caps on private rents Housing and homelessness
Affordable Housing – creating links supply and demand for affordable housing Housing and homelessness
Speaking the same language for everyone to understand sustainable transition Language and communication
Changing our language Language and communication
Breakdown social barriers Language and communication
Spread the news Language and communication
Keeping keeping on! A 20 year story of transition will be very inspiring Language and communication
Sitting around together and listening circles Language and communication
Mutual advocacy – multi-lingualism. Language and communication
TTB Metro, free newspaper for commuters talking up visions and stories of a positive future. Language and communication
Regenerate language – a project to nurture communication to be popular Language and communication
Group dialogues of difference – in the park – in community spaces – feeling together – sharing stories – no agenda – listening Language and communication
Listening circles Language and communication
Wooden book cabins Language and communication
Enhancing contact between different people/kids through new technology Language and communication, Youth and intergenerational
Elect more green councillors Representation
More sustainable public transport Transport
Clean air Transport
Free public transport Transport
Free public transport Transport
Garden bridge and cable car linking E and W London Transport
Safe cycle parking Transport
No fossil fuel vehicles Transport
Old and young – all ages cycling, walking, laughing as they travel Transport (Youth and intergenerational)
Decentralised air quality monitoring at a granular level Transport, Air quality
Free of smells of cooking oils, petrol, diesel etc. Transport, Air quality
Day of putting out unwanted items for others to have – if not picked up council collects Waste and resources, sharing
Bartering days Waste and resources, sharing
Engaging younger people Young and intergenerational
Youngsters confident enough to assert their individuality to build their own future Youth and intergenerational
Envisioning for young people Youth and intergenerational
More youth Youth and intergenerational
Confidence building for children Youth and intergenerational
Intergenerational child care Youth and intergenerational
Young people with autonomy living in a community they are fully contributing to and enjoying Youth and intergenerational
Young people living in freedom not fear Youth and intergenerational
Active involvement of kids and teenagers in multi-generational groups working on practical projects Youth and intergenerational, community spaces and projects
Transition App.
Bottle the taste of Brixton. It would taste of peaches and cream mixed with vanilla with the faintest hint of respberry like the BFG’s Frobscottle
Free blu-tac for all!
Free space travel for the homeless
Interplanetary travel made easy and new foods from those planets
More free drinking fountains in Brixton
Mild climate
Open air swimming
Big love from @tttooting from Rich and the gang! Come for a curry!

Get involved in making these happen. Add some more and ideas of actions to take here. Join us, sign up for the newsletter, join our facebook group, email us at info@transtiontownbrixton.org. Come to Open Project Night, every Monday at the Impact Hub Brixton (back of Pop Brixton) from 6.30pm.

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