One response to “TTB Central Project launching Tuesday 24 May”

  1. Hi Duncan,

    This sounds great! I’m currently Co-Chair of Transition Town Tooting and would love to come along, I think Jenny, my co-”Co-Chair” is able to as well.

    We would love to connect, as Transition neighbours, to see how we could build our relationship in the coming months and years to share learning, perhaps do a bit of visiting and definitely a fair chunk of celebrating!

    I also am involved in the emergent Transition London and SE Hub (there’s been 2 meetings!) and would love to talk to you about that, at the right time. Joe Duggan of Crystal Palace might have been in touch about it. Our next (3rd!) meeting is on Monday 6th June at Royal Festival Hall if anyone from TTB can join.

    Anyway, looking forward to tomorrow evening, can’t wait!

    Richard 07711027726

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