TTB recruiting new directors

TTB started in 2007, ‘Unleashed’ in 2008 and became a Community Interest Company with 6 directors in 2010.  Some have now moved away or retired due to other commitments.

We are looking for skilled local people who are committed to helping TTB remain at the cutting edge of transitioning together towards a better future. If you are interested please tell us about yourself here. We will contact you soon to talk about it. We are very keen to have people with strong connections with TTB’s projects including the Brixton Pound, TTB Community Draught Busters, the Remakery Brixton and Brixton Energy but also transitional projects that have started independently such as Makerhood, London Creative Labs, Lambeth Food Partnership, Incredible Edible Lambeth, Brixton People’s Kitchen, Best Before…. In 2012 we decided that the REconomy project – quantifying the real economic benefit for local people of localising as much as possible of our economy – was a positive story that could powerfully unite our various projects. Since then we have produced our REconomy reports on food and energy Rethinking the Local Economy and held the first Lambeth Local Entrepreneur Forum

Our vision is to strengthen the core of TTB, tell the transition (and REconomy) story better and connect and support the projects (and incubate new ones) so that they add up to more than the sum of their parts.

At present we are looking for a Secretary, a Treasurer and in the long run a new Chair. We plan to move to a model, inspired by Transition Tooting, of having 2 co-chairs.  We would also welcome someone to hold ‘strategy’ and ‘fundraising’. Operational roles such as communications, events, welcome, Lambeth liaison are also available. We aim to make decisions by consensus and to work with the energy of TTB rather than adopting any top down directorial stance.

We hope to be meeting potential new directors from in the autumn. For more information about Community Interest Companies, including the duties and responsibilities of CIC directors see here. If you are interested please tell us about yourself here. If you want to talk it over with a director please call 07958 635181 or 07779 297394.

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