Lambeth Energy Partnership Aims, Opportunities and Stakeholders

At November’s Shared Space All About Energy event we discussed why we would need a Lambeth Energy Partnership, who should be part of it and what it might achieve. There was universal agreement that it was a good idea.

Photo of group of people with solar panels and wind turbines from the Westmill energy Coop

The Westmill Energy Coop is the largest in the UK. Together the local community has rasied more than £20 million for 5 wind turbines and a ground-mounted solar array. Members receive an average of 8% return on their investment.

Cover of new book 'The Rough Guide to Community Energy'

Free copies of ‘The Rough Guide to Community Energy’ available from

Below is a brief summary of thinking around aims and opportunities. Below that (in blue) are the notes of the idea storm that came out of 3 groups thinking about why, who and what might it do.


Lambeth Energy Partnership Aims

  • Nurture connections between different interests to promote sustainable energy use in Lambeth.
  • To reduce energy consumption and promote local generation in Lambeth in a holistic way that promotes community values and responds to community needs

 Opportunities presented by having a Lambeth Energy Partnership

  • Develop a website to showcase the expertise of different bodies (individuals, businesses, charities) and advertise local skills.
  • Use a facebook group or google group to facilitate networking and draw together expertise from different areas to develop projects
  • Produce a documentary about the energy work in Brixton to inspire
  • Collaborative research and campaigning
  • Mapping using a database such as Project Dirt
  • Lambeth Co-operative Council
  • Funding – lottery, Horizon 20 EU innovation funding

Notes from discussions at All About Energy event

Why have an Energy Partnership?

  • Spearhead a grass roots response to climate change and rising fuel prices
  • Tackle unsustainable energy consumption
  • Holistic approach to include enhancing community spirit, address fuel poverty and develop local skills
  • Coherent strategy
  • Networking of local groups
  • To facilitate the sharing of resources including expertise and funding
  • Share information about developments in technology, policy and funding opportunities London-wide, National and European
  • Enhanced knowledge will promote the use of local groups and local resources 
  • Joint campaigning
  • Political influence – engage Lambeth Council 

Who should be involved?

  • Everyone who attended meeting 
  • Councillors (particularly sustainability, housing and planning)
  • Council staff – Co-op Council commissioners (particularly sustainability, housing and planning, including community energy officers)
  • Registered Social Landlords, Housing Associations and Co-operatives 
  • Groups whose primary focus is not energy or sustainability
  • Community groups and users
  • Representatives from TRAs and TMOs
  • Leaseholders forum
  • Local residents groups (Brixton Society, Loughborough Junction Action Group etc) 
  • Charities
  • National Energy Action
  • Age UK
  • Disability groups?
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Public health
  • NHS
  • South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust
  • Social services? 
  • Youth Groups and Education
  • Lambeth College
  • St Joseph’s College in West Norwood are working with One Planet Ventures and Funky Renewables
  • Media
  • Brixton Bugle
  • Business
  • Brixton BID (if implemented)
  • Installers

What should an Energy Partnership do?

  • Consider the format of the Energy Partnership – Co-operative, partnership or forum?
  • Holistic strategy
  • Road map 
  • Identification of needs
  • Community buy-In
  • Innovation in response to community needs
  • Awareness of different audiences (tenants, business, council, central government)
  • An immediate single project as focus, a pilot project with measurable results
  • (but existing groups such as Brixton Energy and Community Draftbusters have demonstrable results)
  • One stop shop for residents and businesses seeking information
  • Physical shop that could buy materials wholesale
  • Website (questions – what is out there already? Would this be better as a national project?)
  • Examples of good practice
  • Advice tailored to local conditions eg identify grants specific to Victorian properties 
  • Statistical evidence to demonstrate benefits
  • Including saving taxpayer money
  • Address disenfranchisement of tenants
  • Social contract
  • Gentrification
  • “Green Streets” project
  • Political influence – engage Lambeth Council
  • Proof of concept – show Lambeth Council it can be done
  • Projects delivered, development brought to the area, social benefits including developing skills
  • Keep money in the community
  • Promote wellbeing
  • Innovative projects attract like-minded people
  • Raising income ( like to grant to Incredible edible)
  • Media and communications
  • Feed good news stories
  • Promote the business case to businesses
  • Convection technology (no idea what this means!)
  • Outcomes must justify the time put into it



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