Event – “Even More About Local Energy”

-  including next steps towards creating the Lambeth Energy Partnership and looking at work opportunities in local energy.

Monday 10th February, 6-9pm, The Loughborough Centre,
105 Angell Road, SW9 7PD (junction with Barrington Road) (map)

At November’s Shared Space All About Energy event we heard from numerous amazing local energy projects and took first steps towards creating a Lambeth Energy Partnership to drive local energy work, connect and support people doing it and make it more effective and mainstream..The overwhelming view of the meeting was that this would be a good idea. See here for summary of aims and opportunities and full idea storm notes from the  event.

We will also continue discussions of work opportunities in local energy (consolidating our Transition Livelihoods event last month).Brixton Energy/Repowering London, TTB Community Draught Busters/Action on Energy, the Wellbeing Alliance, the TTB REconomy* team will be there to inform our thinking.Programme:

+  6-7pm set up, networking, eating,
+  7.00-7.45pm update on progress on Lambeth Energy Partnership.
> working with the Lambeth Green Skills Partnership, Lambeth public health,
     > looking at mapping local energy activity, projects, businesses
> Sue Bell on maintaining personal energy in activism.
+  7.45-9pm planning Lambeth Energy Partnership, moving Local Energy forward, discussions, networking.
> firming up the ‘road map’
> making a short documentary about what’s happened to date and future possibilities
> other next steps….
For more info, offers of food to share, requests to present please phone 07958 635181.
Let’s make saving and generating energy locally mainstream! See you there.


*For an overview of the TTB REconomy reports see this article by Rob Hopkins. To download them go here and scroll down

TTB team

Together toward a better future.

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