Event: All about Energy. Saving it, making it, owning it. Locally!

Monday 11 November 6-9pm, at the Loughborough Community Centre, 105 Angell Road, (corner of Barrington Road), SW9 7PD at TTB’s regular Shared Space Open Evening.

** see here for report back from this event. NB a follow up meeting to take next steps towards a Lambeth Energy Partnership will take place at the above address on Monday 10 February 6-9pm -  ’Even More About Local Energy‘ **

EnergySharedSpace_final-page-001Organised by TTB, Brixton Energy, TTB Community Draught Busters and the Institute of Insulators (working title). Please diary it now and let us know you can come and, if you are a local energy project, how you want to be involved.
The aim is to network projects/businesses/local authority/communities, inspire, inform, think forward and take the first steps towards a Lambeth Energy Partnership.

We will also report back on the REconomy Project Energy Report on localising the Energy Sector in Lambeth – and its 3 year strategic action plan. To download the report click here and scroll down.

Programme so far:
6-7 set up, demos of draught busting, networking, eating,
7-8 inspiring local energy project updates and future plans.
8-9 planning Lambeth Energy Partnership, moving Local Energy forward, discussions, networking.
Other attenders include, Rosendale Energy, Warm and Well in Winter, Embrace Cooperation (local renewables training NGO), Ian Bracken, local professional draught-buster, Lambeth Food Partnership (to give us their experience of setting up a Local Partnership)

There is a planning document here . Please visit, contribute and be in touch with ideas, offers, etc on 07958 635181. We need offers of food to share too.

Let’s make saving and generating energy locally mainstream!

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