Heart and Soul group launches two new Workshops

The Heart and soul Group is a Transition Town Brixton initiative that focuses on developing inner transition and personal wellbeing through creative and well-researched interventions. HeART and soul are excited to launch a series of workshops and facilitated events that invite you to explore, engage, develop and ultimately grow. We uphold a vision that supports the flourishing of individuals towards building an integrated and sustainable society and aim to maintain an ethos that enables maximising potential for all.

These workshops are facilitated by Carole Stagg, MA RCA PG Dip MSc ( MAPP)

Keep an eye out for the upcoming events and we warmly invite you to participate.



SPACE FOR YOU: Thursday evenings March – May

Our emotions, feelings and thoughts can often seem scattered and inaccessible and finding time to stop and tune in is often the last thing on your list of ‘to do’s’. Space for you is an important and valid acknowledgement of yourself and your needs. It is about creating a quiet and contemplative but dynamic opportunity for reflection, realisation and ultimately inner transition. This regular spot will provide a portal for exploring a number of themes including strengths development, time perspective and mind-sets . Accessing, experiencing and maintaining a Space for You has many benefits including an increase in positive affect, increased self -determination, goal focusing and  generally  improved wellbeing overall.

Last, but definitely not least, it is about having fun, being creative  and reconnecting with the joy of life.

Running every Thursday evening from 7-9pm, MARCH 21st, 28th; APRIL  4th, 11th, 18th, 25th; MAY 9th, 16th

8 separate sessions or bookable as a course of 8

Cost £35.00 per session  or  £180 for 8 sessions  (limited number of concessions)

To find out more or book a place contact  CaroleStagg@hotmail.com

BEST POSSIBLE SELF: Creative workshop

The Best possible self is a workshop that offers a chance to explore our personal strengths and to recognise how we can best utilise them in our daily lives. This workshop will also focus on clarity around setting goals and planning ahead by determining where we are now in our life stage in order to clarify where we want to be in the future.

Through creative exploration, we will identify our dreams, wishes and aspirations and any potential inhibitors that stand in the way of  progress. We will work towards defining a destination that maximises our full potential using simple but effective tools that have their foundations in creativity and positive psychology.

This workshop runs for 2 hours and costs £35.00.

To find out more or book a place contact  CaroleStagg@hotmail.com


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