Redeem the Swede!

Local Greens, a not for profit, local, weekly veg bag scheme in Southeast London, will be holding a swede recipe contest February 10 at the Herne Hill Market in Railton Road. Our celebrity guest judge is local foodie, Observer restaurant critic, and Masterchef guest judge Jay Rayner. He says “it is my hope that the winning entry makes a virtue of swede rather than tries to hide it.”

Swede is considered by the French to be pig food, and can be a challenge to cook with. The contest has the aim of getting people excited about cooking and eating swede.

A contestant says “I’m starting to obsess about swede. I’ve been mulling over lots of ideas and I think I’m going to make a secret family recipe, substituting swede for potato.”

Another contestant says “I’ve only just started thinking about what to cook, and I’m already keen to try using swede in different ways. You can even eat it raw!”

Contestants will be provided with swede grown organically by Sarah Green on her family farm in Essex. Sarah Green is one of Local Greens partner farmers, and her veg appears in our veg bags most weeks.

Register for the competition here:

The Contest:
Sunday 10 February
Herne Hill Market in Railton Road
10am: contestants arrive with prepared recipes

Local Greens is not for profit weekly veg bag in the local area, run by and employing local residents. We source as much of our veg as possible from 6 farms within 60 miles. It’s all organic or spray free.

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