Get Your Local Greens Christmas Community Herb Bunches

Local Greens are offering some very local herb bunches in their Christmas veg bags this year. The bunches will be made up of Bay (for your Bread sauce), Sage (for your Stuffing), Rosemary (for your roast potatoes) and Thyme (for your Turkey – or nut roast of course).

We are buying the herbs from community groups, schools and individuals as part of our Neighbourhood Farm Project that incentivises urban food growing by buying ultra-local produce for our veg bag scheme. Local Greens’ veg bag scheme is the centre of what we do; it is a proven and sustainable way of using the collective buying power of a community to support small-scale local farmers at the same time as getting great tasting, fresh vegetables to people’s plates.

After the call-out for herbs back in October we had lots of responses, especially to supply Bay, and we tried to prioritise community groups and individuals with strong links to projects that share our values.

Dog Kennel Hill School are supplying Bay
St. John’s and St. Clements School are supplying Rosemary
Roots and Shoots project in Kennington are supplying Sage and Rosemary
Friends of Archbishop’s Park are supplying Sage
Caspian Street Allotments in Camberwell are supplying Sage and Rosemary
Laura of Crystal Palace Transition Town is supplying Bay
Sue Sheehan of Lambeth Council is supplying some Thyme
Maya Kar of Brixton Makerhood is supplying Sage

I’m looking forward to receiving the herbs on 19th December at our premises in Herne Hill and will be welcoming the growers with mince pies and mulled wine to encourage them to stay and help tie the bunches so that they can go into our bumper Christmas bags for delivery on the 20th.

To get your voucher for a one-off Christmas bag or sign up for the scheme visit

We weren’t able to supply all the thyme we needed locally, so have ordered this from one of our Kent farms, Perry Court. So get planting in the spring, because next Christmas, we’ve identified a gap in the market for sustainably grown Thyme!

To find out more about Local Greens visit

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