Communications Group Formed

A new TTB Communications Group was formed last week and had it’s first meeting. The main topics were overall strategy and current priorities. There were 5 participants and apologies from several others.

The meeting included a description of the different parts of TTB and areas of current communication including the newsletter, website, facebook, leaflets and so on. Then there was a broad discussion including what the practical and technical challenges are, the usefulness of working out a strategy and how to involve the other TTB groups.

Tasks agreed to start with were

  • developing a strategy, reviewing existing documents
  • setting up a new system of gathering news items and preparing newsletters

The next meeting will be next Wednesday, 7th November, 6.30 – 7.45 (see calendar item on the right for location and agenda). Just come along if you are interested in getting involved or contact Dario:

More detailed notes from the meeting.

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