Invest in Brixton’s second community-owned Solar Powerstation!


has launched Brixton Energy Solar 2! Join us in making the second inner-city co-operatively-owned solar project in the UK!

If Brixton Energy Solar 2 is successful in its application for Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS), you as an investor would be eligible for 50% lump sum tax deduction in year one, on top of your 3% return (and then still get your initial investment back in year 20).

For the full Brixton Energy Solar 2 Share Offer document please go to The share offer officially closes on 6 Oct.

Public and private sector bodies are beginning to recognise our projects. Our first project Brixton Energy Solar 1 has been shortlisted for the UK Sustainable Housing Awards 2012 as well as being selected as a ‘top 100 global infrastructure project’ by KPMG. Brixton Energy Solar 1 was featured on Aljazeera’s TV show Earthrise exploring solutions to today’s environmental challenges and financial crises.

The Brixton Energy Team is also creating Repowering South London to spread the knowledge and good practice. We hold our first consultation event with community groups interested in installing renewable energy this Saturday 22 September, 2-5pm at the Loughborough Centre, 105 Angell Road, SW9 7PD (corner of Barrington Road on Loughborough Estate). If you are one of those please get in touch

Thank you on behalf of the Brixton Energy Team,

Duncan Law
(member of Brixton Energy and chair Transition Town Brixton)

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